It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.
-Alfred Stieglitz

Sarah Smith Warren is a certified coach, artist, entrepreneur and community advocate. She holds a Masters of Arts in Communication, an accredited coaching certification and has spent her career working in the nonprofit sector of the arts, humanities and economic and community development. She moved into the role of small business owner when she opened her photography studio, renovating a historic building in her downtown where she operated a portrait studio.  In 2019, Sarah received a national Creative Community Fellowship and North Dakota Change Maker fellowship. Through these experiences, Sarah began to transition into coaching, consulting and branding photography. Soul Space Work was established to create a support system for humans, artists, organizations and businesses.

In 2021, Sarah and her family began a travel adventure across the country, where her passion for landscapes and artist work was renewed. She currently resides in Seaside, Oregon, the latest inspiration of her photography work.

For inquiries, contact Sarah or visit for more information.